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AUVERGNE – Excellent travel links to/from the Auvergne …


Since 1 January 2016, the Auvergne is part of the new region Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes and comprises of four departments: Allier, Puy-de-Dôme, Cantal and Haute-Loire.

There are excellent travel links to the Auvergne by air, to the Aéroport de Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne, located 6.5km east of the city. It is operated by Ryanair and flies to Stansted.

By Ferry, Brittany Ferries operates from:

– Portsmouth to Caen-Ouistreham, Cherbourg, Le Havre and St Malo
– Poole to Cherbourg
– Plymouth to Roscoff
– Cork to Roscoff

Meanwhile, Condor Ferries operate a weekly ferry service from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, from late May to early September, and Catamaran services from Poole and Weymouth to Saint Malo via the Channel Islands. P&O operates from Dover to Calais.

If you’re travelling to Auvergne by car, then here is an indicaion of  distances using motorways (with tolls) and/or dual-carriage ways from:

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AUVERGNE – Have you taken the Auvergne cheese Road?!


Bienvenue sur “la Route des ‘Fromage de l’Auvergne’ of course the Auvergne is world famous for the wonderful range of cheeses that it produces, from the cows, sheep and goats that graze the fresh, lush, vulcanic grass in this central region of France. There are 40 stops along the route where you can meet the farmers, the cheese producers and their dairies. The outstanding gastronomy of this beautiful region, along with its natural sites and heritage, make it worthy of a special trip.

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THE AUVERGNE and its Romanesque architecture …


The Auvergne is one of the main centres for French Romanesque art because of the development of the monastic orders.

Only five major churches remain today: the Notre-Dame-du-Port basilica in Clermont-Ferrand, the St-Austremoine d’Issoire church, the Notre-Dame de Saint-Saturnin church, the St-Nectaire church, the Notre-Dame d’Orcival basilica.

The Church of Notre-Dame-du-Port  is a beautiful example of the unique Auvergne Romanesque style. The west facade is extremely plain, as with all churches in the region, and is topped with an incongruous tower from the 19th century. The main exterior interest of the Notre-Dame-du-Port is at the east end, which has been lavished with architectural and artistic beauty, see above. Here the square shoulders of the short transept make a strong contrast with the soft curving lines of the apse and four chapels radiating from the ambulatory.

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AUVERGNE – Have you ever tried skiing down the side of a volcano?! …

Skiing in Auvergne

There are definitely no nightclubs to be found here and nothing much in the way of an apres-ski scene either!, but if it’s quiet natural beauty and quirky winter sports you’re looking for, the Auvergne is unrivalled!  This volcanic region in the centre of France, is little more than a couple of hundred kilometres from the world famous, chic resorts of the Alps, but when you’re standing on the top of a dormant volcano – the Alps feel a million miles away. Here, there are no luxury chalets or vast hotel complexes  to be seen and yet,  the Auvergne remains one of France’s best kept secret winter-holiday destinations, offering a wide variety of ‘different’ winter sports.

You won’t have to queue to take the gondolas up the piste in the Auvergne and you’ll find that a ski pass will be considerably cheaper here than in the Alps. When winter comes, the dramatic landscapes become transformed into a skiers paradise, covered in drifts of snow, perfect for exploring the region on cross-country skis or with snowshoes. The Auvergne region has excellent TGV fast trains to Paris from Clermont-Ferrand, so this is the perfect ‘long weekend’ location during the winter months and an ideal holiday home setting with all year round interest.

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AUVERGNE – a land of rivers, mountains and medieval cities filled with art …


This beautiful property currently on the market with Leggett has been reduced to €731,400 FAI – a classic Napoleon III home, with its own gatehouse, large barn, and lake sitting in a small estate of 10 hectares with meadow and woodlands.

Situated just outside Cosne d’Allier, a town containing all the amenities you need, in a department called Allier, named after the River Allier.. 36km away is the Medieval City of Montluçon, Moulins, the city of art and history is 43km away both with train stations. The closest airport is Clermont Ferrand at 104km away.

This region has been marked by the imprint of the Dukes of Bourbon; Allier is a land of rivers and small mountains. Landscapes such as Bourbonnais bocage, the gorges of the Sioule, and the Forest of Tronçais are perfect for enjoying outdoor activities: hiking, fishing, and white water sports. Hydrotherapy is one of the leading sectors of Bourbonnais tourism with the international spa at Vichy.

This beautiful area also features a multitude of castles (over 500), Romanesque churches and beautiful houses much of which is the heritage of the Bourbons. Bourbon cuisine reflects the history of the province and provides quality products: Pâté aux pommes de terre, Charolais beef, wines from Saint-Pourçain AOC, Charroux mustard, and Vichy pastilles.

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AUVERGNE – Puy-de-Dome with its ancient volcanoes …


Pouring down from the Monts Dore, the river Sioule, which runs wild and free through the Chouvigny gorges, is an altogether different waterway when it reaches Ebreuil, before continuing on its way to Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule and the Allier. As it passes through the neighbouring villages, it reveals to us a peaceful and happy tourist region with colourful markets and something to see and do all year round.The Puy-de-Dome department is in south-central France, in the Auvergne region and in the heart of the Massif Central. Puy-de-Dome is a region rich in variety. The department offers a vast wonderland for open-air sports enthusiasts providing a welcome break for the family at any time of year with sports including cycling, skiing, horseback riding, paragliding, canoeing-kayaking, swimming, hot air balloon flights, or simply a chance to enjoy strolling and visiting the bric-a-brac markets or the beautiful towns and villages of the region. More »

AUVERGNE – Peaceful Gorges de la Sioule …

The ‘Gorges de la Sioule’ area is as pure and peaceful as the meanders of the river which winds its way across this leafy green countryside, or the forests, the traditional towns and villages in which festivals, exhibitions and other activities lend it added rhythm. A stay here is something precious, a memory you will cherish forever.

Pouring down from the Monts Dore, the river Sioule, which runs wild and free through the Chouvigny gorges, is an altogether different waterway when it reaches Ebreuil, before continuing on its way to Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule and the Allier. As it passes through the neighbouring villages, it reveals to us a peaceful and happy tourist region with colourful markets and something to see and do all year round.

Canoeing and kayaking down the Gorges de la Sioule will thrill you and you will be filled with awe by the breathtaking sceneries.

AUVERGNE – France’s best-kept skiing secret …

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The volcanic Auvergne region, in the centre of France, is a couple of hundred miles from the glamorous resorts of the Alps, but it actually feels a million miles away. It is without the luxury chalets or hotels, nor a single fashionable après-ski bar or club. But the Auvergne is one of France’s secret winter holiday destinations, offering a variety of quirky winter sports.

In marked contrast to the Alps, the queues to take the ‘téléphérique’ up to the Auvergne’s pistes are minimal, while a day’s ski pass costs between €20 and €25. Charming bed and breakfasts are springing up – a double room costing not much more than €60.

The Auvergne is a national park of 80 craters and glacial lakes. Beautiful in summer, the dramatic landscape becomes nature’s gift to skiers when it is covered in snow. It’s ideal for exploring on cross-country skis or snowshoes. There are more than enough slopes to keep downhill skiers happy. And two of the Auvergne’s main resorts are on a railway line that links to Clermont-Ferrand for fast TGV connections to Paris, so the area is handy for carbon-conscious travellers arriving by Eurostar.

Originally built on the site of ancient Roman baths, the spa town of Le Mont-Dore is one of the oldest ski resorts in France, sitting at the foot of the 1,886m Puy de Sancy.